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Equity Schemes

Birla Advantage Fund
Birla Infrastructure Fund
Birla Dividend Yield Plus
Birla Equity Plan
Birla Sun Life Relief 96
Birla Sun Life Equity Fund
Birla MNC Fund
Birla Sun Life Buy India Fund
Birla Sun Life Frontline Equity
Birla Top 100
Birla Sun Life LT Advantage I
Birla Sun Life Pure Value
Birla Index Fund
Birla MIDCAP Fund
Birla Tax Plan 98
Birla India Gennext Fund
Birla India Opportunities Fund
Birla Sun Life Basic Industries Fund
Birla Sun Life New Millenium Fund
Birla Sun Life International Equity Plan B
Birla Sun Life Special Situations
BSL Capital Protection Oriented 3 Yrs
BSL Capital Protection Oriented 5 Yrs
Birla Sun Life International Equity Plan A

Debt Schemes

Birla Dynamic Bond Fund
Birla Gilt Plus Regular
Birla Gilt Plus PF
Birla Gilt Plus Liquid
Birla Equity Plan
Birla Cash Plus
Birla Cash Plus Sweep Plan
Birla Cash Plus Inst Premium
Birla Cash Plus Inst
Birla FMP Annual Series3
Birla FMP Annual SeriesI
Birla FMP Q SeriesII
Birla Sun Life Income Fund
BSL Govt Securities Short Term Fund
Birla Bond Index Fund
Birla Income Plus - Retail
Birla Bond Plus Inst
Birla Bond Plus Retail
Birla Sun Life Short Term Fund
Birla Floating Rate LT Fund
Birla Floating Rate ST Fund
Birla Floating Rate ST Inst Fund
BSL Income Fund - PLan F
Birla Sun Life Cash Manager
Birla Sun Life Cash Manager Inst
BSL Govt, Securities Long Term
Birla Sun Life Liquid Plus Retail

Hybrid Schemes

Birla Sun Life Monthly Income
Birla Asset Allocation Aggressive
Birla Asset Allocation Conservative
Birla Asset Allocation Moderate
Birla Balance
Birla Sun Life 95 Fund
Birla MIP

Other Schemes

Birla FTP Q Series 3
Birla FTP Series D
Birla FTP Series E
Birla FTP Series F
Birla FTP Series G
Birla FTP Series H
Birla FTP Series L
Birla FTD Series 1 Plan 18 M
Birla FTD Series 1 Plan 36 M
Birla FTD Series 2 Plan 18 M
Birla FTD Series 3 Plan 18 M
Birla FTD Series 3 Plan 36 M

Scheme Investment Forms
One Time Investment Application Form
SIP through Cheque SIP Application Form
SIP Autodebit SIP-Autodebit Application Form
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